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Ordinary Membership

The Buskers' Association Membership is open to all person who is a Busker or wants to be one and have demonstrated commitment to the objects of the Association.

Ordinary Membership is only SGD $100 Annually

Be in the Community

As an Ordinary Member

  • You get to vote for the person you want to represent and speak for the Association

  • You have the right to hold office in the Association

  • Get your voice heard 

Get Listed on our platforms

  • Your profile will be listed on Buskers' Association website 

Exclusive invites to Workshops and Events

  • Get exclusive invites to events that you can perform in.

  • Invites to workshop and events for free (or a members price)

Perks (Coming soon)

  • We are working with stakeholders to make busking easier for you

    • Storage space for equipments (Coming soon)​

    • Insurance (Coming Soon)

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