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Busking 10x series

The Busking 10X series hopes to introduce the world of busking to new buskers, this workshop equips buskers with fundamental skills as a busker. 


Buskers' Lab

The Busker's Lab is an initiative by Busker's Association (Singapore) to explore the boundaries & test the limit on how a street performance can be presented in Singapore. Through workshops & performances, Buskers' Lab hopes to create a safe experimental space for buskers to create unconventional street performances.


*SCAPE Busking Residency 

The busking residency program is a joint collaboration between SCAPE and the Buskers’ Association (Singapore) to introduce and develop budding artists across multiple disciplines into the world of street busking.

Residents will be assigned to mentors, who have experienced industry practitioners, and will develop their skill sets and capabilities as a performer and street buskers through the 4-month residency program.

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